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The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of several islands lying off the coast of East Africa .. The archipelago is also known as the Spice Islands. There are four main islands, the largest, Unguja is referred to as 'Zanzibar'

Most of the archipelago is part of a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania.

The capital, Stonetown was where the former Sultan of Oman, who ruled the islands lived and managed the slave-trading business.  The islands are now covered in a collection of spice plantations - surrounded by beautiful beaches. Rick's tours of Zanzibar usually start with a walking tour of ancient Stonetown (including a stop by the front of  Freddy Mercury's first home) followed by a few days on the beach - snorkeling and diving and a tour of one of the small spice plantations. 


Another great option for a unique, relaxing beach vacation - or conclusion to a wildlife safari is on a tiny (no cars) island off the Tanzania coastline.  There are 7 luxury treehouses in the islands small family run lodge.  Great food - great scuba and a chance to swim with migrating whale sharks! (seasonal).  It's one of the "hidden gems" that Rick has found in his years of searching for unique adventure lodges and camps.

Chole Island

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