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Rick Castiglione Safaris 

After more than 2 decades of adventure travel and documentary filmmaking around the world, I began getting requests from friends and family to 'join me on a film trip to Africa'. I had organized many film teams throughout the world so I thought - why not? I organized a classic, private safari for three gentlemen - which took place after a documentary film shoot. They loved it! Once word got out that my expeditions took in some of the most amazing wildlife destinations imaginable, I was flooded with requests to take individuals and small groups of people on private, authentic African safaris. It grew into a business and 20 years and hundreds of safari game-drives later, I'm still 'living the dream'! 

There are several things that make Cielo safaris different from the other safari choices out there.  I have developed wonderful friendships among the Maasai tribe of East Africa allowing safari guests to go where most tourists never get to go. In fact, with a dear friend (and Maasai warrior), I have built a private guesthouse in the Maasailands, which allows clients to live among the Maasai and learn about their culture first hand.   I've combed East Africa to find the best lodges, luxury tented camps, and bush camps available. I employ only experienced drivers/naturalists behind the wheel of the best safari vehicles available.  And, as a photojournalist, I film every safari so clients will have a high definition 'video record' of their safari along with a collection of my photos, to take home with them.

My safaris are not 'bus tours'.  They are personal guided expeditions tailor-made for you and your friends, family or a small group that we put together for you.  I have taken people on safari from the ages of 7 to 87.  Children love it.  Seniors love it because I tailor the itineraries to suit their mobility needs. Cielo Pictures Inc. is a proud member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

Below you'll find some information on a few of my favorite destinations along with a sampling of safari itineraries. I hope they'll help you start the process of planning a safari with Cielo Pictures and Expeditions.  You can choose one of those or spend some time talking with me about the destinations and adventure options available, to you and we'll create an itinerary custom made for you and your budget.


Let's go safari! 

Lions and Giraffe 1-8166.jpg


The Amazing Maasai Mara

Tsavo - Amboselli - Lake Naivasha

Bush and Luxury Tent Camps

Maasai Tribe Cultural Encounters

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Ngorongoro Crater

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Zanzibar / Chole Island

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Gorilla Tracking

Chimpanzee Excursions

Water Safari

Cultural Encounters

Uganda and Rwanda Map.jpg


Browse a collection of past, present and future itineraries.

Ideas for helping to customize your own safari.

SSSome of our most requested destinations

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