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Since the beginning of my career, I have been commited to doing everything I can to use my position in the media, in the world of adventure travel and in my private life to give back to the world I live in.  I have produced hundreds of promotional videos and documentaries to help organizations and individuals who work hard to help improve the lives of people less fortunate as me and my family.

I have helped to create 2 international humanitarian organizations, have sat on the board of directors of several others and have volunteered my time and skills to help many more.  In Africa, I've carried out this humanitarian work in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone.  Many of my safari guests have asked to visit a primary school that I have helped to build in the Maasailands of Kenya, so many so that I have now partnered with the community to build a build a little guesthouse where volunteers and other visitors can comfortably stay. My safari works helps the communities that I travel in - communities where my friends live and do what they can to raise and educate their children - and keep them healthy and safe.

The Nairoshi Foundation


New Project!

In Kenya - I've been actively involved with the Nairoshi Foundation in the Maasailands of Southwestern Kenya. The foundation provides opportunities for widowed women in the Ewaso Ngiro region to create sources of income and offers emergency food and medical supplies when situations like drought and pandemics arrive..

As a co-founder of a Canadian charity setup to help the school my clients have been able to raise more than $250,000 to build and operate a primary school for children who did not have easy access to quality education.

The school provides opportunities for international volunteers to help at the school and live among the Maasai people learning about their culture.

The enCOWment Fund
3 cows.jpeg

The enCOWment Fund is a new initiative we have launched to to start building a sustainable source of income for our school, The Building Hope Academy in Kenya.

We think it's a rather clever idea that combines cows, which our Maasai friends love and an ongoing/growing herd of cows that will raise money for the school. 

Canadian Vision Care






As a filmmaker and volunteer, I've been helping Canadian Vision Care and Optometry Giving Sight to bring the gift of sight to thousands of people around the world.

In East Africa and Cambodia I've been coordinating and guiding rural eye care outreach teams.  

I've been able to creat numerous fundraising and documentary videos on the amazing work this and other charitable eye care organizations are doing.

Sewing Seeds International

Sierra Leone





As a co-founder and board member of Sewing Seeds Canada, operating in numerous countries on 5 continents, I've been helping to develop programs empowering women through skills and business training.

In Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Peru, Ukraine, Haiti and Mexico I've been working with Sewing Seeds to create fund and friend raising documentaries showcasing the important work this organization does.

Healthy Child Uganda/ Project Shine

University of Calgary



In Uganda, over the past 13 years, Rick and Cielo Pictures have been working with Healthy Child Uganda, a Canadian/Ugandan - community based child health initiative.


In Tanzania, I've worked with the University of Calgary on a community sanitation and hygiene education program in the Maasai community below Ngorongoro Crater, teaching students about digital storytelling helping them to tell their own stories about how the program will help their own villages.

Other Philanthropic Work

At home and around

the world

Rick has been awarded the "Small Business Philanthropist of the Year" recognition from the Canadian Association of Fund Raising Professionals. 

Rick has served on the boards of: The Building Hope Society, The Fig Tree Foundation, Sewing Seeds International and The Calgary Counseling Centre.

To view some of the documentary and other video production work involving many international and Canadian NGO's go to - " Documentary and Video Production" on this website.

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