Documentary and Video Production

Cielo Pictures has been telling 'Stories That Matter" on television, radio and on the internet for 2 decades. We have produced award winning broadcast documentaries in dozens of countries around the world.  Our documentary focus is, and always will be, finding and telling stories about people, humanitarian organizations and corporations that go well out of their way to make the world a better place.

We have worked with small charities and large companies, utilizing the best in video production gear, skilled videographers, writers, directors and editors. If you need to have a story told, here in Canada or anywhere in the world, give us a call or send us an email.  We'll be happy to help and we won't finish until you are happy with the product.  Email:

Below, on the left, is a sampling of the wide range of corporate and not for profit video productions that we have successfully completed over the past few years.

Below, on the right, you'll find a collection on broadcast documentaries that Rick has produced.


Canadian Vision Care
Cambodia Outreach


An online 'friend and fundraising' video, filmed at a Canadian Vision Care, volunteer outreach clinic in Cambodia.

Inspire canada.png
Canada's Sports Hall
of Fame


One, of an extensive series of videos produced for CSHoF to encourage Canadian girls to become and stay active in sports.

This short online video was called 'Sweaty is Awesome'.

Sewing Seeds Canada

Haiti Outreach

An awareness and fundraising video for an international NGO - changing lives in developing countries around the world.

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True North Gems

A mining company develops a ruby mine in Greenland.

A promotional video to show shareholders and potential investors the potential of this mine in its early stages of development.

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.10.59 PM 2.
Fresh Routes

A not for profit enterprise creates a 'mobile store' to bring fresh food to people unable to access it.

Award video

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.25.18

The Calgary Urban Project Society designs unique program to help those in need to develop resilience and improve their lives longterm.


Encana corporate video on the expansion of it's US operation in Louisiana.

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Project Shine

Tanzania - A University of Calgary development project to improve sanitation and hygeine in rural Tanzania.


Uganda - A University of Calgary development project to improve the mortality rate of children in rural Uganda.

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Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Inspiring girls to get involved with and stay in sports.

Mbarara, Uganda
Mbarara, Uganda

"Healthy Child Uganda"


"Calgary To Quito"

Taiz, Yemen
Taiz, Yemen


Mbarara, Uganda
Mbarara, Uganda

"Healthy Child Uganda"



Making Change Happen

Rotary Calgary - International



The Eye Train

Broadcast CTV

The Philippines


The Long Journey Home
Of James Nguen

Broadcast - CTV 

Sudan, Canada

Starting To Dream

Broadcast - CTV


Rajasthan, India

AMPIA Award - Best Documentary

Canadian Humanitarian

Broadcast - CTV



Displaced Childhoods

Broadcast - CTV



The Orphans of Warithang

Broadcast - CTV



Sewing Seeds
Her Story

Broadcast - CTV

Mexico, Peru, Sierra Leone, Ukraine


A Heart For Ukraine

Broadcast - CTV



Broadcast - CTV


Eye Care - I Care

Broadcast - CTV

Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Cambodia