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Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking
Uganda and Rwanda


Rick began gorilla tracking in 2008 and his been taking small groups of adventure seekers into the forests and mountains of Rwanda and Uganda.  You'll stay in comfortable mountain lodges with excellent dining and massage services.  You can meet members of the pygmy tribe in Uganda.  Then - a once in a lifetime opportunity to get close to a troop of mountain gorillas. 

After chimpanzees, gorillas are our closest relatives and share about 97.7% of our DNA. Mountain gorillas are the largest living primates, an adult male weighing up to 180 kilograms (400 pounds), with an arm span of about two meters (seven feet).


Mountain gorillas do not survive in captivity, which is why they are not seen in zoos. Tracking the mountain gorilla through the misty forests requires patience and stamina, often walking for hours in the mud and the wet. Finally meeting them in the undergrowth is an inspiring moment. Quietly chewing away at their vegetarian delicacies, they seem like a marooned human family. The tender grooming and firm disciplining of their offspring seems all too familiar. The gorilla family cast a wary glance at the sudden human intrusion into their private world, but is comforted by the clucking made by the trackers. 

Primate expeditions can be attached to any safari or be stand alone. Some clients just want to see gorillas while others want to see both - and a collection of other monkeys that live in these rainforests. Click here if you'd like to see what you primate itinerary might look like.

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