The Orphans of Warithang

High in a Himalayan Valley, above the Tibetan Plateau, more than 200 children - in the care of a Tibetan Lama- call The Warithang Orphanage their home.  They have been brought here from all over Tibet because they have lost one or both of their parents and have no one to care for them.  Many, are the children of Nomads.

Since the orphanage was built in 2005, much of the financial support, to keep it operating has come from friends and volunteers in Canada, including Killarney Elementary School in Calgary. As well. teachers and medical volunteers from Western Canada have travelled to the orphanage every year to help the children.

The Orphans of Warithang is the story of how the lives of these people, living so far apart  and in such different circumstances have become entwined because of one basic human principle – compassion.


Documentary - Tibet


Producer/Director - Rick Castiglione

Cinematography - Rick Castiglione

Editor - Kevin Green

Broadcast - CTV