The Eye Train


The Eye Train is a documentary produced by Rick Castiglione of Cielo Pictures Inc. of Calgary.  It tells the story of a remarkable woman in Manila who has created an eye clinic out of an old train car to help the hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines who suffer from low vision and can't afford to pay for eye care. It also documents the work of three members of the Canadian charity - Canadian Vision Care who travelled to the Philippines to help those suffering in teh wake of Hurricane Yolanda.  Allan Jones, Bob Erlandson and Barry Thienes travelled into rural communities that had been devastated by the powerful Class 5 hurricane to perform eye exams on those without access to eye care.  Donated glasses, collected by Lions Clubs from across Canada, were taken into rural communities where eye glasses were not available.  Many more pairs of those glasses were taken to The Eye Train to help the poor living in Manila.


This 30 minute, made for television program was broadcast on CTV Television Calgary.


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