Healthy Child Uganda

This is the story of a young, Canadian pediatrician and a collection of caring universities, hospitals and volunteers working together to save the lives of children in rural Uganda.  

"Healthy Child Uganda is a story about Africa...about Ugandans helping themselves and creating a brighter future for Uganda's children,"

For several years Dr. Jenn Brenner  - a paediatrician at Calgary's - Alberta Children's Hospital has communuted between Southern Albert and Southern Uganda . She is the Project Director and the driving force behind the success of Healthy Child Uganda.
Healthy Child Uganda is a community-based partnership that works with local citizens to identify and solve the problems that most impact their children’s health. HCU helps communities help themselves by delivering training programs and providing support services for young children.

The project emphasizes healthy practices such as immunization, good nutrition and preventing disease. Village trained volunteers learn how to recognize and treat sick children within their communities.

Cielo Pictures followed Dr. Brenner and the team of HCU volunteers into remote communities in the Mbarara region to meet the children they are helping and to tell the story of the live saving change that can happen – “when good people do something”.

Producer/Director: Rick Castiglione

Cinematography: Rick Castiglione