Starting To Dream

“One woman said to me…..   In my next life I don’t want to come back as a woman…bring me back as an animal... my life would be better"

                                                Dr. Aradhana Parmar       ​

Dr. Aradhana Parmar carries a burden when she travels through  rural India - a burden to help these women dream and to work toward a better future. She grew up in a village in rural India and went on to become an associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of Calgary. 

As she nears retirement, Dr. Parmar as turned her attention to the study of women in rural Rajasthan and the impact that the ancient wisdom of rain harvesting has on their lives.

For five years has been crisscrossing this barren landscape, interviewing women…. seeing how the return of water in rivers and the recharging of village wells is changing their lives. She has met with hundreds of women… detailing their lives… their plans…. And now even some of their dreams..

Documentary - India

Producer/Director - Rick Castiglione

Cinematography - Rick Castiglione