Sewing Seeds

The Stories

Sewing Seeds is a story about compassion - a story about women helping other women to fight their way out of poverty…. about sharing knowledge and skills and asking for nothing in return.

Sun Ice Clothing is a Canadian business success story. .. a “rags to riches” story. It’s founder, a Calgary grandmother….and great-grandmother sold the company several years ago. Now Sylvia Remple is traveling around the world teaching women in poor communities how to “sew” their way to independence.  The organization is called “Sewing Seeds International”

This documentary followed Sylvia, members of her family and a team of volunteers as they worked to improve the lives of marginalized women in Peru, Sierra Leone and Western Kenya.

Broadcast – CTV Alberta

Filmed in Peru, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Mexico

Producer/Director - Rick Castiglione

Cinematography:  Rick Castiglione and Kevin Green

Sewing Seeds - Haiti

Sewing Seeds - Sierra Leone

Sewing Seeds - Mexico

Sewing Seeds - Sylvia's Story