Rick Castiglione produced his first Developing World documentary in Vietnam in 1993 - followed by a feature documentary in Cambodia and... he just kept the camera rolling with film expeditions to Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Nepal, Kenya, Zambia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Peru, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mali, Yemen, Burma, Thailand..........

These - made for television documentaries - tell the stories of "people helping people". They are stories about compassion - of courage and a commitment to making the world a better place.

All of these documentaries, filmed in more than 30 countries - on 6 continents - have been broadcast on the CTV and Global television networks.

These are a few of those stories......

Cielo Pictures most recent documentary comes from South Sudan. It's about two people, from opposite sides of the world, and their shared passion for helping people in their own communities and abroad. 

"A Better Day"

Watch "A Better Day"

Displaced Childhoods

Displaced Childhoods is the story of a young Canadian man and his relentless determination to end the injustice being perpetrated on the tribal peoples of Burma. 

Producer/Director Rick Castiglione and Cinematographer Kevin Green have made several trips into the jungle areas of Burma, behind the front lines in the 60 year old civil war.  They have documented the plight of internally displaced people, refugees – hiding in their own country from the brutality of the Burma Army.

Displaced Childhoods documents the work of Greg Toews and the volunteers of Partners International Relief and Development.

Along the border areas in Thailand they have witnessed and recorded the struggles of the Karen, Karenni and Shan people who have been forced to cross the border, without papers, in order to find the basic necessities of life. 

As in all wars – truth and children are the first casulaties. 

Burma is no different.

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud is the story of two schools in two communities, in two countries, with one goal - to provide quality education to all children  

Producer/Director/Cinematographer Rick Castiglione spent 3 years documenting a small grassroots organization, made up of teachers, students and community leaders - working together to provide classrooms, school supplies and support to a Maasai community in Western Kenya.

Dreaming Out Loud was broadcast on CTV Alberta in 2013.

Sewing Seeds

The Long Journey Home

of James Nguen

Sewing Seeds is a story about compassion - a story about women helping other women to fight their way out of poverty…. about sharing knowledge and skills and asking for nothing in return.

Sun Ice Clothing is a Calgary business success story. .. a “rags to riches” story. It’s founder, a Calgary grandmother….and great-grandmother sold the company several years ago. Now Sylvia Remple is traveling around the world teaching women in poor communities how to “sew” their way to independence. 

The organization is called “Sewing Seeds International”

This documentary followed Sylvia, members of her family and a team of volunteers as they worked to improve the lives of marginalized women in Peru, Sierra Leone and Western Ukraine.

The Long Journey Home of James Nguen began in a small village in rural South Sudan when he was only 7 years old.  It ended in the same community in South Sudan but the journey  him took him through a refugee camp in Kenya and then to Canada before he was able to return to his home.  

For almost 2 decades, James Nguen believed that his family had died that night that soldiers came to his families village and burned it to the ground - shooting everyone in sight.

Miraculously, James survived.

He spent his childhood as a refugee. James Nguen is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.


This is a documentary of survival, determination and the never-ending love between and child and a mother.


Trailer - The Long Journey Home