Poipet - "Hope In Hell"

Poipet, Cambodia

Located on a narrow strip of land after you leave Thailand and before you officially enter Cambodia you will find a strip of glitzy casinos.  Inside the Vegas style, air conditioned buildings are wealthy Thai's and Asian tourists, gambling.  One the other side of the walls. Inside "Official Cambodia" are some of the worst slums you will find anywhere in the world.  In a roadside shack. , people are dying of HIV/AIDS... along the dusty streets children pick through garbage while some of their mothers are behind tin walls and rag curtains, working in the brothels.   From across Cambodia people are drawn by the tales of "instant wealth" and plentiful jobs.  When they get here, they usually find a life of poverty...far worse than what they left behind.

It is this human suffering that has kept Calgarian Brandon McCaffrey in the slums of Poipet for more than a decade.


This documentary tells story of the compassionate, volunteer work of this Canadian man as he brings schools, vocational training programs and shelter to the thousands of Cambodians that have found themselves here...on the border... with nowhere else to go.



Poipet... Hope In Hell was broadcast on CTV.