Displaced Childhoods

Displaced Childhoods is the story of a young Canadian man and his relentless determination to end the injustice being perpetrated on the tribal peoples of Burma.  Greg Toews is the Canadian founder of Partners Relief and development.

Producer/Director Rick Castiglione and Cinematographer Kevin Green have made several trips into the jungle areas of Burma, behind the front lines in the 60 year old civil war.  Displaced Childhoods tells the of internally displaced people, refugees – hiding in their own country from the brutality of the Burma Army.

Rick and Kevin have documented the work of Greg Toews and the volunteers of Partners International Relief and Development.Along the border areas in Thailand they have witnessed and recorded the struggles of the Karen, Karenni and Shan people who have been forced to cross the border, without papers, in order to find the basic necessities of life.  As in all wars – truth and children are the first casulaties.  Burma is no different.

Documentary - Burma/Thailand

Producer/Director: Rick Castiglione

Cinematography: Kevin Green

Broadcast: CTV