A New Dawn for the Children of The Andes

Kathleen Gleeson is a mother, retired school teacher and one of the most committed and compassionate humanitarians you could ever meet. 

As a young woman, Kathleen dedicated her life to helping women and children here in Canada and, during retirement, in Bolivia.  She has helped nurture babies in an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia – helped impoverished women in the Andes to earn money and self-reliance through the Minkha Knitters Cooperative and has assisted Bolivian adolescents to become empowered leaders in their rural communities.

For almost 20 years, Kathleen has travelled back and forth between Calgary, Canada and Cochabamba, Bolivia helping to care for orphaned children, raising money for humanitarian organizations and inspiring other Canadian women to join her. Along the way she has battled cancer and fought with aging bones that make it difficult, at times, to even walk. 

This is a documentary about Kathleen and the amazing work that she has done - and keeps doing!

Producer/Director: Rick Castiglione Cinematography: Rick Castiglione