1000 Wells For Kenya


Safe drinking water is crucial to the health and well being of all human beings.  In much of Sub-Saharan Africa finding a daily supply of drinking is almost impossible.  Producer/Director Rick Castiglione lived on the Maasai Mara, in two Maasai villages, to document the work of a remarkable NGO, Operation Eyesight Universal, which is helping to make safe drinking water available to everyone.

Rick filmed the struggles, particularly of women, to find the most basic commodity required to keep their children alive and healthy. He also filmed the dramatic change that occurs in a community when a safe, reliable supply of drinking water is brought to the surface of a village.

In the first village, Rick saw how the lack of a safe supply of water and even the most basic sanitation facilities are threatening the very survival of these incredible people.  Without water, teachers won’t come to these tribal communities.  Without water, children suffer from preventable disease.  Without water and sanitation, 30 percent of the population is facing blindness because of trachoma.

In the second village, he saw how a borehole-well, latrines and hygiene education can make a dramatic impact in the lives of everyone .  In just one year, trachoma has almost been eliminated, the village school is now overflowing with bright young students, the health of everyone has improved so quickly.